October, 2014

The changing face of money expenditure by global consumers

“World at the click of a button” aptly describes the current scenario of the global market. The increasing popularity of technology combined with the comfort of delivery at doorstep for customer satisfaction has been shaping the expenditure patterns of global consumers. There is also another factor which fuels this trend, the ever busy work life […]

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Online Retail – A profitable venture or loophole of regulation framework

Online Retail, the buzz which is still the hot served topic in the market, triggered by the “Big Billion Day” sale by Flip kart about a month ago. The day where some excited shoppers got 70 percent off on their pretty dress they always wanted or the big TV for 90 percent discount which cost […]


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Business Research Outsourcing

The process of business research is a major component to pave path for your existing business as per the market scenario. So you need to have in depth knowledge of the business you are in. Due to busy schedule in day to day life, it has become difficult to concentrate on the research of existing […]

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Booming Boom of Online Shopping

Call it demands of the time or supply of the human brain, shopping no longer is a tedious process. You no longer have to take your time out from your busy schedule and travel all the way to your favorite store; or painfully describe the sellers about the exact details of that pair of jeans […]

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Competitive Intelligence – The building block of business growth

Competitive Intelligence essentially refers to the collection, analysis and distribution of intelligence about various components of a business or industry in order to formulate accurate business strategies and decisions. Competitive intelligence refers to the understanding of the business environment in order to sustain within an industry or market. The process of competitive intelligence is mostly […]

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