May, 2015

Market Research is a Social Responsibility

Market Research is a Social Responsibility Whether the food you eat is good for your health or not? Whether the cloth you wear is worth the cost or not? What’s the brand story? Market research don’t deal with customers directly though, but the consumers’ likes and dislikes are noticed by the market researchers. Market research […]

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R.I.P John Nash

R.I.P John Nash Players do not know each other’s types, but given her own type, each player has“belief” about the other players’ types. The players simultaneously choose actions and payoffs are received. Once this common-prior assumption is imposed, we have a standard game, which we can use the concept of Nash equilibrium. We can represent […]

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Food Story With Market Research

Food Story With Market Research Market Quotient got a chance to find that particular market research that a food firm required. Market Quotient has seen the industry keenly, finding shoppers, in the war of food brands, who continue to shop for healthy foods and beverages. They have become much concerned with food in their own lives. […]

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Deep Research, Deeper Knowledge

Deep Research, Deeper Knowledge The data are misused most of the time when it comes to surveying or using other practices of primary research. Though this practice has been followed by the market researchers since decades. The source of data is undefined. The samples are made in a bias way mostly! The wordings of the […]

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Social Media Tips

Social Media Tips Now is the time to find the correct media to produce your product. Here is a small tip from the market research firm that talks about the correct media to expose your product. Internet has become so viral that apart from television and print media, the internet has got the richest reach. […]

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