August, 2015

Customer Service Has Gone Digital

Customer Service Has Gone Digital The way customers seek information is not just a note worthy trend, but a tripping point. Technology has made 42% of global population to use smart phone which is supposed to get increased in every passing year. For every industry, now, consumers expect an accurate answer, a time consumable service, […]

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Healthcare has been a very wide sector, to cater for. Market Quotient tried to procure this particular sector tracking the US market over social media forum. Like the tweets that we have followed for few years, gave us a chance to discuss about: the happenings in healthcare as well as the communities that mostly participated […]

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GET DATABASE OF YOUR CHOICE! It’s all about the data. Data that is reliable. Data that is formatted according to the need. Data that serves the customer.  We can assure you compliance, accuracy, dedication, efficiency. Market Quotient can assure you the time we promise. We can assure you a customized work that would serve your […]

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Valuing the Company Value.

What is value? What is attached with a product that determines a consumer’s decision making process? The core values that is common across organizations of different industries:  🙂 A healthy work life for workers.  🙂 Commitment to the outer environment.  🙂 Contributing to society with corporate social responsibility.  🙂 Establishing equity program for employee.  🙂 […]

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Emotion, The Ruler Of Consumer Choice

Here in India, we’re gearing up to celebrate august 15th, the day that everyone signifies India’s independence. 15th August, as a symbol of independence or freedom,has a lot to do with the Indian’s emotion. The Indians achieved their “aazadi” back in this date. And this is celebrated in India with a deeper value and a […]

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