September, 2015

INDUSTRY THAT REQUIRES US: Digital Advertisement!

  As we see, the digital video advertisement is promulgating the online advertising industry; it has begun to reshape the digital ad market. With this we find, fraudulent bot traffic. This is when arrived the new viewability technology with the advertisement model known as “viewable impressions”. Market Quotient have showed it’s prompt research work (which […]

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Make The Logistics Management Smart, or, Let Us Do The Favor!

  The flow of goods from the point of origin to the point of consumption needs a managerial deal, which we term as Logistics! From customers to corporate, everyone have the requirement of logistics management. It might be to manage any physical items like materials, equipment, animals, food or liquid or maybe abstract items like […]

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Mobile Apps Need Market Research, ASWELL

The success story of app business has shown a promising rise in the coming years. It has a steeping rise in its graph. The turning point has showed an impressive stab of USD 12 billion in the year 2012, where more than 45 billion apps were downloaded by the customers. This is not just a […]

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Market Research in Wearable Technology

In the industry of wearable technology, various applications are looked upon. To discuss about the scope that Market Quotient can target, we have chosen these few applications: Healthcare and Medical –The healthcare sector which includes the fitness, wellness or the medicals dominated as the wearable electronics business powers is estimated to increase from $20 billion […]

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There are hindrances that most banks are facing, like the difficulties in data aggregation governance, processing and architecture. This requires high end manual works. Wherein, there remains a chance of weak data aggregation and reporting. There are banks that have a large demand on data- related project, and Market Quotient sends them a lovely greeting. […]

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