October, 2015

Is There A Brand Name Domination In Internet Retailing Sales?

Could you distinct your taste and preference? If not you, we have indicated the differentiation that you have made over the retail industry in the last few years! May it be the killing offers or the word-of-mouth; we saw an inclination over internet purchase in consumers. Through a thorough market research we have estimated that […]

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Strategy To Enhance Your Mobile App!

There is no much time left when the hunt for mobile data will diversify your work phase.  It is been seen that U.S spends 60% of time to their mobile devices, where 52% of the connected time is spend over apps than that of web. Web on PC lets you collect data very easily, but […]

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The Attraction of Millennial generation!

Millennial generation, better known as the Generation Y(born in 1980-2000),is the first generation to give some wonders to modern technology. This wonders were never bound to a certain industry. From software to gadgets, to car and its accessories, the influence of millennial knowledge is expressed. For this generation, technology is a trend. A strong preference […]

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Market Quotient Insight Story 1

Market Quotient always likes to call itself “technologically sound”. Our market research is armed with technology, which makes us unique from all. The market research phenomenon varies from every industry. Being in the industry we definitely get a chance to learn from other industries that we come across. We believe in learning and innovating. We […]

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Brands are intrinsically a trust that consumers rely on although we see this lesser in cases of banks. In case of brands like American Express or Visa or MasterCard, consumers alleviate their risk factor, as they own the end-to-end process. We have done a study where we have listed up the brand names and along […]

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