December, 2015


Few years’ back solar power was a groovy little niche industry in the broad field of energy generation. But few changes took place over the last couple of years which boosted the demand for solar power. There are possibilities where solar power will challenge and out-compete other types of energy. There are valid reasons why […]

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High Five for E- Commerce

High five for E- commerce Over the years e-commerce has evolved like all other digital technology and consumer-driven markets. The retailers are facing new challenges and opportunities with the growth in B2C e commerce. In order to meet customer demands, companies have adapted their strategies to fit current trends. Market Quotient has suggested top five […]

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Get your new SEO

Content marketing is the new trend of digital marketing and it is expected to play an even bigger role in 2016. Developments in creative, publishing and targeting technology have made content formation increasingly accessible for all marketers. Content has become the new SEO. The world of marketing has changed dramatically for people who are running […]

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Market Quotient high on alcohol project!

Market Quotient high on alcohol project! The global alcoholic beverage market is expected to experience an average growth of almost $1,370 billion by 2018. Due to a huge population base and rising disposable income the alcoholic beverage market is facing an increasing demand. Alcoholic beverage includes three segments such as beer, wine and spirit. We […]

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Trends In Grocery Shopping!

We have seen a drastic change in the consumer packaged goods industry, which has defined itself digitally. We have seen the revolution which is more of silent evolution in the global market. Lines between the real and virtual worlds are blurring. Shoppers are harmonizing to the benefits of digital retail settings and they have begun […]

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