June, 2016

The Sleep Body Clock Rhythm And The Associated Myths

Introduction: The time and pattern of sleep has often been a topic of much debate according to Outsource Market Research India Company Market Quotient. A lot has been said and written about it. A LOT. But most of it is hearsay. There are a number of superstitions with regards to sleep. Locals living in Indian […]

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Lead Generation Outsourcing By Web research company

Introduction – A Hypothetical Scenario Not so long ago, companies relied on word of mouth promotion according to Web research company Market Quotient. Such is not the case today. Advanced technology through globalization and liberalization has brought the world closer together. With the help of a hypothetical scenario, let us delve down the recesses of […]

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INTRODUCTION: According to Business research outsourcing company Market Quotient, a theory often popularized in recent times following the success of Uber, Theranos, etc is that innovations have to be disruptive in nature. Disruptive innovation makes us think of the advent of the transistor, light bulbs, Google and the like. Nonetheless, innovations are not always disruptive, […]

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Is The New Facebook AI A Reason For Privacy Concern?

The Artificial Intelligence system adopted by Facebook, enshrined as “DeepText” has faced rave reviews from one corner of the society while facing flak from the other. Taking into context the reviews of different people, Outsource business research India Company Market Quotient, examined the various pros and cons of DeepText. The Pros And Cons In Scrutinizing […]

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