July, 2016

Game Theory And How It Applies To The OPEC Nations

Brief Introduction: In Game theory, we deal with cooperative games, competitive and perverse games. Cooperative game is a situation where-in both parties benefit from cooperating with each other. Contradictory is the case with OPEC nations. According to Outsource Financial Research firm, situation of OPEC nations would remind you of what we call in Game Theory […]

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Encouraging Moderate Risk-Taking Behavior

Findings By Outsource Financial Research Firm: A simple fact that most people tend to overlook, documented by Outsource Financial Research firm Market Quotient, is that the amount of risk you take does not determine your level of return. Well it does to some extent. But associating a greater risk with a greater return is sheer […]

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New Outsourced Lead Generation versus Customer Retention

The Basic Premise: THE VERSUS QUESTION: There is often the age old question of customer retention and new lead generation. Companies often face a dilemma as to which of the policies should be implemented in the firm. Should they invest in new leads and prospects? Or should they try to retain the existing batch of […]

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Market Entry Strategies For Business Growth

Introduction: Penetrating a new market according to Market Quotient, an Outsource business research India firm, is surely an exciting time for functioning businesses to expand even further and reap the rewards of greater profits and an extended customer base. However, are you ready for such a change? In today’s post, we would be talking about […]


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Applying Financial Modeling Techniques – Sensitivity Analysis

How Does A Financial Model Work? Financial models are quite handy when it comes to analyzing the performance of Business research outsourcing on projected/historical basis. It gives the analyst the opportunity of analyzing: Time series results: This compares the performance of a company in the current or base year to the company itself in past or […]

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