August, 2016

Strategic Evaluation – Competitive Analysis And The Marketing Plan

Synopsis: It is often said that you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Nothing could be further from the truth. The same logic could be applied to business too. This leads us to the context of competitive analysis. Definition: Competitor analysis is nothing but analyzing your competitor’s strategy so that you always […]

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Choosing The Best Stock Mix – Picking Investments

Introduction: Investment is a big thing. When you invest in a portfolio of assets like stocks, bonds, etc, you expect a return, a profit on your investments. Much has been said about the behavior of investors. There are risk averse individuals who do not like to take risk at all and on the other extreme […]

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Lead Generation – Marketable Efforts – Baby Steps

Introduction: Very definitive details to those who are concerned about the marketing efforts at their company are the baby steps that they must take. Oftentimes it is found that companies make a lot of improvisations or none at all. And when the dice rolls too often toward a dead lead a kind of stagnancy sets […]


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Outsource Financial Research – Managing Financial Risk

Let’s start at the beginning by defining risk. What is risk? Risk is a situation where your pre-defined goals may not be met and the degree by which your definitive goal targets have not been met. Following inferences can be made from the above definition: Firstly, risk could mean anything. It does not always have […]

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