August, 2018

Machine Learning Making Things Easier for Marketer

As technology is getting advanced day by day, we are also becoming smarter with the changing time. from finding the closest coffee shop to organizing family photos, everything is constantly changing. In this era of technology, the new industry catchphrase is machine learning (ML), which is playing a significant role to drive results. According to […]


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Data Can Do the Talking for Modern Day Marketers

Today, an abundance of data are available for marketers at their fingertips. But taking that data and generating actionable insights to apply to marketing strategies that will impact business results is the biggest challenge. Basing future plans on faulty results can be disastrous so, interpreting your data correctly is critical. Follow these tips when analyzing […]

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Benchmarking – Effective Tool to Grow Your Business

Since 2000, outsourcing industry has grown exponentially. falling telecom tariffs, the growth of the internet, and the availability of inexpensive local workforce contributed to the rise of the outsourcing industry globally. not only has globalization opened new doors, but created several hurdles in the market as well. due to emerging competition, changing market conditions, customer […]

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Top Challenges of B2B Digital Marketing

Today, B2B marketers are using new digital marketing tools for various purposes including lead generation, customer acquisition and thought leadership. for B2B marketers as part of their marketing tools makeup, content marketing gets top priority. social media, email marketing, and mobile marketing are other important components. Everyone, who is operating in the B2B marketing space […]

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