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Tips on building your B2B Brand Identity

  A brand is always remembered by its customers through its “brand identity”. Effective branding can help build a company’s reputation, expose out its unique selling proposition of a product or brand and attract ideal clients. Your brand is your business identity – the image you wish to portray to the world – and is […]

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B2B E-Commerce Has Become An Instant Delight !!!

In today’s world of B2B e-commerce, customers in US have spent an approx of 514 billion dollars online last year. So, customer’s affinity towards the present day ecommerce platform is quite undeniable. Maintaining a B2B ecommerce portal is evidently more complex than the B2C ecommerce. All forms of intricacies can easily be solved by modern […]

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How to Convert Cold Leads into Prospective Clients?

Online marketers always preach the benefits of warm and qualified leads over cold leads. But what are warm and qualified leads and how do they apply to online marketing? you know what counts at the end of the day are your leads and how effectively you’re able to turn them into prospective customers if you […]


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How To Generate Leads And Convert Them Into Sales?

Earlier it was enough to have a great product only to have a successful business. But now, within the past few years, things have changed drastically. Now, there are a lot of competitions in the marketplace and therefore, it is now important to understand inbound marketing and its implementation. An approach focused on attracting customers […]

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Market Segmentation Based On Past Purchase

Division in the Marketplace: Segmentation is an essential way of dividing the market. It is an efficient technique too. Data reports show that segmented mails have a 50% greater efficiency rate than non-segmented email campaigns. Having said that, it must also be understood that b2b market segmentation isn’t that simple, it needs to be discussed […]

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