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Increase Your Selling Potential by Investing In B2B Demand Generation

Introduction: If your boss one day asks for a new demand strategy, i.e. you have been tasked with the responsibility of creating demand for the goods/services your company specialises in, chances are, that your current b2b demand generation strategies aren’t working well. What would you do in such a situation? Would you propose to draft […]

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Market Segmentation – An Effective Technique to Ensure Buyer Division & Sale Conversion

Market Division – In Case of Products: Ever heard the story where the same quality of beer was being sold at two different prices, under two different brand names? One at $30 and the other at $10? Although the quality of beer bottled and packaged were the same, however, the markets and the customers were […]

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Information Entry Services – Processing, Conversion & Online/Offline Information

Introduction: The Information Entry Service provided by numerous data processing companies is vital for any business whether it is big or small. It helps increase an organisation’s activities and conserve valuable time, cash and effort. The quick and precise data entry services provided by the experienced and proficient staffs of data entry companies ensures high […]

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Game Theory And How It Applies To The OPEC Nations

Brief Introduction: In Game theory, we deal with cooperative games, competitive and perverse games. Cooperative game is a situation where-in both parties benefit from cooperating with each other. Contradictory is the case with OPEC nations. According to Outsource Financial Research firm, situation of OPEC nations would remind you of what we call in Game Theory […]

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Micropinion is nothing but expressing something in a very precise and communicative manner. For example, instead of saying, “The service staff at La Pourtlaes is extremely efficient. I had a wonderful time and experience at their hotel. I would like everyone to give this hotel a visit on their next visit to New York City”. […]

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