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Trends In Grocery Shopping!

We have seen a drastic change in the consumer packaged goods industry, which has defined itself digitally. We have seen the revolution which is more of silent evolution in the global market. Lines between the real and virtual worlds are blurring. Shoppers are harmonizing to the benefits of digital retail settings and they have begun […]

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Is There A Brand Name Domination In Internet Retailing Sales?

Could you distinct your taste and preference? If not you, we have indicated the differentiation that you have made over the retail industry in the last few years! May it be the killing offers or the word-of-mouth; we saw an inclination over internet purchase in consumers. Through a thorough market research we have estimated that […]

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Valuing the Company Value.

What is value? What is attached with a product that determines a consumer’s decision making process? The core values that is common across organizations of different industries:  🙂 A healthy work life for workers.  🙂 Commitment to the outer environment.  🙂 Contributing to society with corporate social responsibility.  🙂 Establishing equity program for employee.  🙂 […]

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Emotion, The Ruler Of Consumer Choice

Here in India, we’re gearing up to celebrate august 15th, the day that everyone signifies India’s independence. 15th August, as a symbol of independence or freedom,has a lot to do with the Indian’s emotion. The Indians achieved their “aazadi” back in this date. And this is celebrated in India with a deeper value and a […]

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Investment In the Online Retail With Researchers

The changing nature of consumer has a great impact on the change in technology. Over the last few years retail sale on online and offline market has brought a huge difference in every consumer’s mind. The following explains the trend by the marketers: • The world’s largest online market is in Asia, though the retail […]

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