Top Market Research Trends to Follow in 2018

Predicting the future is always prone to errors of guesswork and interpretation, a fickle science indeed. However, in business or specifically in market research, it is important to predict and analyse the future to reap the benefit. As we have already completed the first half of the year, it is not very difficult to predict […]

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Outsource Market Research- a win-win situation?

Experts across the globe unanimously agree that having first-hand information about the reason for consumers in choosing your product or services is essential for a new business to take off. This information is even more important than the right equipment, financing, talent and experience. Therefore, market researchershold greaterimportance than anything else in the business. While […]

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Want to Grow Your Business Internationally? Learn these Important Tips

  When you have successfully built a loyal customer base inside your country, the very next step to keep your business growing will be to focus on the international market. Becoming a globally recognised company is an impressive accomplishment; isn’t it? However, every establishment is not ready for this challenge. Before a company begins, the […]

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Market Segmentation Based On Past Purchase

Division in the Marketplace: Segmentation is an essential way of dividing the market. It is an efficient technique too. Data reports show that segmented mails have a 50% greater efficiency rate than non-segmented email campaigns. Having said that, it must also be understood that b2b market segmentation isn’t that simple, it needs to be discussed […]

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5 Characteristic Features of a ‘B2B Agency’ That You Should Be On the Lookout For

Introduction: Bonny wanted Clyde. The only problem was Bonny knew no one named Clyde nor was in touch with any man at that time. Bonny decided to go on e-Harmony to search for the perfect ‘Clyde’. I wish searching for partners would have been that easy but sadly it is not. You cannot get good […]

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