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Applying Financial Modeling Techniques – Sensitivity Analysis

How Does A Financial Model Work? Financial models are quite handy when it comes to analyzing the performance of Business research outsourcing on projected/historical basis. It gives the analyst the opportunity of analyzing: Time series results: This compares the performance of a company in the current or base year to the company itself in past or […]

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Financial Sector Outsourcing

The service business is leading the industry unevenly. The accounting firm of the service sector has a rise in the expanding globally. The long term accountants will thus get a rise in their work by 2020, as anticipated. There will be an increase in demand by 16% and with anticipation, the accounting employees will increase […]

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Effect of Social Media on the Financial Sector

Effect of Social Media on the Financial Sector The world has become smaller with the advent of e-communication means. Social media has made that world even smaller, connecting people across the globe. Many companies have begun to use the social media to expand their market, promote their products and understand consumer behavior. Retailers are widely […]

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