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Market Segmentation Based On Past Purchase

Division in the Marketplace: Segmentation is an essential way of dividing the market. It is an efficient technique too. Data reports show that segmented mails have a 50% greater efficiency rate than non-segmented email campaigns. Having said that, it must also be understood that b2b market segmentation isn’t that simple, it needs to be discussed […]

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Attain Independence through Web List Building

Introduction: Prior to setting up miscellaneous business processes, it is very important that you understand the high significance of lead generation to your business’ success. It is extremely important for you to be able to find ways for list building. Leads result in shoppers, and shoppers result in earnings and sales. Thus, if there are […]

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Business Research – Evidence Does Matter

The Geocentric Model: Unsubstantiated estimations by ancient civilizations led to the origin of an erroneous conjecture. The conjecture goes like this: The heavenly bodies, the Sun, the Moon and the stars all revolve around the Earth. This model, known as The Geocentric Model was popular across several civilizations including that of Aristotle & Ptolemy. The […]

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Stock Investment News October 2016 – 5 Things Investors Cannot Remain Complacent About

Introduction: The year 2016 is coming to a close. It’s goddamn October already! And Election Day is not too far behind! The optimism of investors seems to be at a cataclysmic high and why not? This buoyant team has survived the harshest of recessions and other impediments that the text-book financial jargon has thrown at […]

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The Concept Of Financial Inclusion In The Indian Economy

Prevalence Of The British Raj: The British Raj prevailed in India from 1858 to 1947. During this so-called ‘Crown Rule’, the land revenue system prevailed. The land tenure policies led to the establishment of The Zamindari System, The Mahalwari System and The Ryotwari System. The excessive taxes through ‘zamindars’ or tax collectors led to the […]

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