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What Does 2017 Holds For the Market Research Industry?

Introduction: With individuals in the workplace, clients, customers and business leaders, there is a renewed interest in doing things differently. Thinking or acting differently signifies innovation. There have been ideas that have been floating around as far back as early 2014 which have not seen the light of day. Putting innovation to the fore, effective […]

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Research Shows That CEOs Should Not Adhere To Company Culture

Several companies claim that they want to adhere to a specific kind of company culture. Wikipedia defines company culture as encompassing “values and behaviors that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organization”. Investopedia defines company culture as, “the beliefs and behaviors that determine how a company’s employees and management interact and handle outside […]

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The Sleep Body Clock Rhythm And The Associated Myths

Introduction: The time and pattern of sleep has often been a topic of much debate according to Outsource Market Research India Company Market Quotient. A lot has been said and written about it. A LOT. But most of it is hearsay. There are a number of superstitions with regards to sleep. Locals living in Indian […]

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To Serve The Massive Open Online Course Market

‘MOOC education is survival of the fittest. Every student is just one insignificant data point while the course is running. You perform well, perform poorly, struggle, drop out – no one cares. But when the MOOC algorithm calculates the final ranking, the relatively few which scores near the top, become very much visible’. The MOOC’s market has […]

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Market Research A Tedious Work?

Market research projects are always a long tedious execution. This process is sometimes not accepted by buyers. As they refer to this process as one of the most expensive and exhausting process. A market research always requires a buyer’s surveillance over the project, in respect to get a wider aspect of the required research. Industries […]

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