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What Does 2017 Holds For the Market Research Industry?

Introduction: With individuals in the workplace, clients, customers and business leaders, there is a renewed interest in doing things differently. Thinking or acting differently signifies innovation. There have been ideas that have been floating around as far back as early 2014 which have not seen the light of day. Putting innovation to the fore, effective […]

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The Attraction of Millennial generation!

Millennial generation, better known as the Generation Y(born in 1980-2000),is the first generation to give some wonders to modern technology. This wonders were never bound to a certain industry. From software to gadgets, to car and its accessories, the influence of millennial knowledge is expressed. For this generation, technology is a trend. A strong preference […]

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Market Research in Wearable Technology

In the industry of wearable technology, various applications are looked upon. To discuss about the scope that Market Quotient can target, we have chosen these few applications: Healthcare and Medical –The healthcare sector which includes the fitness, wellness or the medicals dominated as the wearable electronics business powers is estimated to increase from $20 billion […]

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To reach the level of effectiveness, Market Quotient follows these steps for the nonprofits organisations: 1. The research objective should be well defined. 2. The primary research cannot be escaped, it would carry the deepest of the deepest data, which can be nourished to valid information. 3. Data has to be analysed, studied with secondary […]

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Video Games: Pros and Cons

Video Games: Pros and Cons The increasing popularity of video games among kids, teens and even young adults is a much debated topic among researchers, psychologists, teachers, trainers and parents. Most guardians and teaching professionals are of the common opinion that video games are “bad” for the youngsters. They are often heard to be complaining […]

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