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5 Characteristic Features of a ‘B2B Agency’ That You Should Be On the Lookout For

Introduction: Bonny wanted Clyde. The only problem was Bonny knew no one named Clyde nor was in touch with any man at that time. Bonny decided to go on e-Harmony to search for the perfect ‘Clyde’. I wish searching for partners would have been that easy but sadly it is not. You cannot get good […]

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Business Research And Healthcare Industry – A Marriage Of Sorts

Introduction To Healthcare A lot has been said and published about health, both online as well as in the form of manuscripts and books. In fact, health is so strongly related to happiness and human order that ancient philosophers like Aristotle and Avicenna devoted a large part of their work to these concepts. With the […]

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Business Research – Evidence Does Matter

The Geocentric Model: Unsubstantiated estimations by ancient civilizations led to the origin of an erroneous conjecture. The conjecture goes like this: The heavenly bodies, the Sun, the Moon and the stars all revolve around the Earth. This model, known as The Geocentric Model was popular across several civilizations including that of Aristotle & Ptolemy. The […]

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Basic Guidelines To Help Compile A Business Research Report

Introduction: The first thing that you need to understand while compiling a Business research outsourcing report is to give your clients top priority. The work should be carried out as per the client’s instructions. It should be easily decipherable, readily understood and should be of benefit to your client. Read this: Format For A Business Research […]


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New Outsourced Lead Generation versus Customer Retention

The Basic Premise: THE VERSUS QUESTION: There is often the age old question of customer retention and new lead generation. Companies often face a dilemma as to which of the policies should be implemented in the firm. Should they invest in new leads and prospects? Or should they try to retain the existing batch of […]

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