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Introduction – A Hypothetical Scenario Not so long ago, companies relied on word of mouth promotion according to Web research company Market Quotient. Such is not the case today. Advanced technology through globalization and liberalization has brought the world closer together. With the help of a hypothetical scenario, let us delve down the recesses of […]

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The Parrondo’s Paradox Usually Doesn’t Work with Asset Management and a Portfolio of Stocks

In the world of business, situations change dramatically. In fact so incredibly fast is the business scenario that algorithms which identify stock arbitrage opportunities tend to cancel them out even before they have practically occurred! To stay up-to-date in such a highly competitive world requires outsource equity research India, some dramatic and ridiculously good moves […]

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Consumer Engagement Requires Employee Engagement And The Implementation Of The Brand Promise

Every business today wants consumer engagement but it is often found that they are going about it the wrong way. In order to attract consumers they are targeting consumers through various techniques and ad campaigns when in reality they should have been targeting employees. According to research by eminent sources it has been found that […]

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Business Research And The FMCG Industry

We use a variety of miscellaneous products in our day to day life. Some of them are durable products while the rest are non-durable products. Durable products are those that get replaced after a period of several years (the chairs placed in your dining room might be a good example), while non-durable products are those […]

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Current Scenario of Ice Cream Industry

The ice-cream market is emerging with new and unusual flavors, textures and fusions. A growing consumer base, product acceptability, and stiff competition are pushing operators to strive for competitive advantages through innovations in product offerings and delivery of service. The ice-cream as a category has witnessed a steady growth in the recent past. Up to […]

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