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The Parrondo’s Paradox Usually Doesn’t Work with Asset Management and a Portfolio of Stocks

In the world of business, situations change dramatically. In fact so incredibly fast is the business scenario that algorithms which identify stock arbitrage opportunities tend to cancel them out even before they have practically occurred! To stay up-to-date in such a highly competitive world requires outsource equity research India, some dramatic and ridiculously good moves […]

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Have you experienced the best Equity research Strategy?

If anyone talks of the stock market or investing in the equity market,most laymen would consider it with gambling of sorts due to the high risk associated while investing in it. The financial meaning of the word equity signifies a stock or any other security representing an ownership of interest. A better understanding of equity […]

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Outsourcing Industry making its mark on Indian Economy

Outsourcing Industry making its mark on Indian Economy The outsourcing industry is the new trend in town for Indian economy. With more US and European companies pooling in for the outsourcing services, India is the most favored choice destination regarding the same. The Business and Knowledge Process Outsourcing is the most preferential segment in the […]

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Equity Research Made Easy

Equity Research Made Easy The first category of services in the field of investment research is equity research services. Just as the name suggests, “equity research” refers to the study of stocks and market conditions so that it helps investors to buy the right kind of equities. The decision that’s taken by a shareholder of […]

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