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The Concept Of Financial Inclusion In The Indian Economy

Prevalence Of The British Raj: The British Raj prevailed in India from 1858 to 1947. During this so-called ‘Crown Rule’, the land revenue system prevailed. The land tenure policies led to the establishment of The Zamindari System, The Mahalwari System and The Ryotwari System. The excessive taxes through ‘zamindars’ or tax collectors led to the […]

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Choosing The Best Stock Mix – Picking Investments

Introduction: Investment is a big thing. When you invest in a portfolio of assets like stocks, bonds, etc, you expect a return, a profit on your investments. Much has been said about the behavior of investors. There are risk averse individuals who do not like to take risk at all and on the other extreme […]

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Game Theory And How It Applies To The OPEC Nations

Brief Introduction: In Game theory, we deal with cooperative games, competitive and perverse games. Cooperative game is a situation where-in both parties benefit from cooperating with each other. Contradictory is the case with OPEC nations. According to Outsource Financial Research firm, situation of OPEC nations would remind you of what we call in Game Theory […]

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Applying Financial Modeling Techniques – Sensitivity Analysis

How Does A Financial Model Work? Financial models are quite handy when it comes to analyzing the performance of Business research outsourcing on projected/historical basis. It gives the analyst the opportunity of analyzing: Time series results: This compares the performance of a company in the current or base year to the company itself in past or […]

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The Parrondo’s Paradox Usually Doesn’t Work with Asset Management and a Portfolio of Stocks

In the world of business, situations change dramatically. In fact so incredibly fast is the business scenario that algorithms which identify stock arbitrage opportunities tend to cancel them out even before they have practically occurred! To stay up-to-date in such a highly competitive world requires outsource equity research India, some dramatic and ridiculously good moves […]

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