Recession 2016 Coming Soon? Or Is It Just A Myth?

In the first quarter of 2016 the US economy has grown really slow. It has just managed a 0.5% of growth in the first quarter of 2016. This slow growth is often attributed to decreased consumer spending. The strong value of the Dollar and lagging exports coupled with a serious decline in business investments. Now […]

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Innovators Need Not Fear Failure

If we go by current trends, we would find that most of the companies play risk averse. They don’t want to take risks as they fear failure. According to them, failure could lead to terrible consequences and could cause a disruption of the entire economic mechanism including the working of the organization. However, the reality […]

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Be the change of the change

Be the change of the change Innovation is the most innovative word of today. Market research has come to the ultimate stage, where innovation with science can be the only wonder left.  Like the Big Data, the data that follows you. Various market research techniques are developing, various software (like, Tableau Software), various models, are […]

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Outsourcing => Employment Even During Recession

Outsourcing => Employment Even During Recession During the Great Depression of the 1930’s, the greatest problem that was faced by the common mass was the utter lack of employment opportunities. With most of the businesses shutting down, people lost their jobs, and with that their means of livelihood also. Impoverishment followed. The recession of 2008-09 […]

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