Is There A Brand Name Domination In Internet Retailing Sales?

Could you distinct your taste and preference? If not you, we have indicated the differentiation that you have made over the retail industry in the last few years! May it be the killing offers or the word-of-mouth; we saw an inclination over internet purchase in consumers. Through a thorough market research we have estimated that […]

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Healthcare has been a very wide sector, to cater for. Market Quotient tried to procure this particular sector tracking the US market over social media forum. Like the tweets that we have followed for few years, gave us a chance to discuss about: the happenings in healthcare as well as the communities that mostly participated […]

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Valuing the Company Value.

What is value? What is attached with a product that determines a consumer’s decision making process? The core values that is common across organizations of different industries:  🙂 A healthy work life for workers.  🙂 Commitment to the outer environment.  🙂 Contributing to society with corporate social responsibility.  🙂 Establishing equity program for employee.  🙂 […]

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Smart Ways Of Trade Promotion Funding

Promotion funding at retail is an obese factor in a supplier’s profit. Putting the huge amount together is almost like 30% of the gross sales of their products. Moreover, the retailer has to wait for the promotion mechanism to happen, as well as, he has to maintain a neat financial record of the promotion mechanism. […]

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Current Trends in Retail Industry

Current Trends in Retail Industry The retail industry has seen quite a few hills and hollows in recent times. Despite the recession of 2008-09, people are splurging their resources on all sorts of goods and services. Retailers are relying heavily on technology, but the key may actually lie in being more “humanly mechanical”. The general […]

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