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Trends In Grocery Shopping!

We have seen a drastic change in the consumer packaged goods industry, which has defined itself digitally. We have seen the revolution which is more of silent evolution in the global market. Lines between the real and virtual worlds are blurring. Shoppers are harmonizing to the benefits of digital retail settings and they have begun […]

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Silicon Magazine list up Market Quotient in their TOP 10

Silicon Magazine list Market Quotient as one of the top 10 Most Promising Market Research Companies, in their April 2015 issue. Market Quotient, a 2012 born Market Research company, stands as a perfect example of such firm which has a clear vision of providing wide range of research, analytics and data management outsourcing services to […]

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Big Data – The Future of Data Analytics

Big Data – The Future of Data Analytics The Big Data stormed up the markets in the earliest decade of 21st century. Since then, the global big shots of the Information Technology and Data Analytics industry have been associated with it. Big Data generally refers to both ordered and unstructured data which is available in […]

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“Big Data” What & Why?

“Big Data” What & Why? What is “Big Data”? In our world, with every passing day, amount of data increases and so is the complexity of this data. The term “Big Data “ is used to represent the collection of datasets which are not only large in size but also complex in nature which makes […]

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Big Data Analytics- The Next Big Thing

Big Data Analytics- The Next Big Thing Analytics happens to be the key buzz of business entities today. But what if a term like Big Data Analytics comes into play? Well, just like the term, the analytical process that concerns Big Data Analysis is also big.  It integrates two standalone aspects – ‘big data’ and […]

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