Education is a sector that is the major base for the overall success of a country. But the scenario in some countries is not at all pleasing. While such countries are in the lookout of sound, systematic and quality education, factors like infrastructural weakness become the major obstacle. In some countries, the presence of multitude of bodies and equally numerous regulations that exist both at the state as well as the central level make the whole sector suffer more. But the good news is that regulatory changes that trigger towards growth and positive reformation of the sector have emerged lately. Hence, it can be well assumed that this uncultivated yet highly potential sector will soon see its prosperity. Thus, more and more foreign entities and private equity firms are taking considerable interest in the education sector.

Market Quotient helps the potential firms, businesses and entities in taking more and more interest in the education sector so that it gives two way benefits. While on one hand there will be immense growth of the sector and consecutive improvement of the country, on the other hand the private investors will also be able to make profitable business from the same. In the broader sense, we assist several educational organizations as well as interested businesses such as schools, universities, colleges, investors and financers in scrutinizing the chosen education sector and taking the necessary steps that will be mutually lucrative.

In order to maintain our reliability among our clients, we carry out extensive and dedicated research and analytics on the education sector, which include

  • Regulatory framework
  • Government Policies and assistance
  • Student remittance & assistance programs
  • Competition insights
  • Country reports
  • Student Demographics
  • Emerging market trends and opportunities
  • Localization strategy
  • Content delivery trends
  • Technology and innovation needs
  • Market entry support
  • Partner identification support
  • Database creation and Marketing assistance

Market Quotient has received praises for the following few works in education sector:

  • Making a thorough analysis of vocational training and distance learning in India, their prospects and potentials for getting foreign investments.
  • Designing in-depth training programs on the models of International bodies which have shown fruitful results in the past few years.
  • Investigation and identification of private vocational institutes who can prove themselves as prospective partners for the entire sector in days to come
  • Making regular correspondences and carrying out face to face interviews with International publishers, distributors and book dealers and selecting the ones who can meet the demands of the Indian education sector by designing related workbooks, study guides and training materials.
  • Performing a reverse study on the schools and study institutions who may be interested in International books and scientifically designed programs and study guides.

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