Technological innovation can never be successful until it is backed by sound and systematic engineering. However, this is undeniable that innovation is the keyword of the engineering sector. The only factor that can make firms, businesses and entities survive in a world of steep competition is product innovation. Thus, it is beyond explanation that both the terms are correlated. At, Market Quotient, we understand that in absence of innovation, engineering sector will never be able to show continuous growth in patent activities across the parameters of the country.

Besides innovation, we are also aware of yet another factor that influences the engineering sector - it is energy. The demand for economical and energy efficient solutions is perennial. Rather, the aggressive demand for the same has pressurized the energy market and engineering sector to provide more and more sustainable solutions.

Globalization is another factor that has always been given equal priority by us. This major factor has always shown the potentials of boosting each and every sector. Thus, the effects of globalization on engineering are such that it is influencing the cross country investors to search and discover favourable business ambiances across borders in terms of production areas, manufacturing sites, tax efficient hubs, potential markets and lucrative opportunities.

Market Quotient takes into account all these influencing factors that are at play in the engineering sector with utmost precision. Thus, we provide qualitatively comparable value added services as well as semantically enhanced abstracts for engineering and technological entities. We also take pride in being a dependable entity for providing high-tech knowledge processing solutions and comprehensive contents to the engineering sector. We have offered our services to esteemed clientele such as online portals and directories related to engineering products and equipments, suppliers and distributors of engineering catalogues and standard firms. In return, we have always witnessed customer satisfaction.

In order to achieve the top line of success, the entire team of Market Quotient has always carried out dedicated research and analysis of the entire engineering sector in a customised manner. Thus, we are competent enough to perform comprehensive studies and render our services in the following areas:

  • Generation of field oriented relative reports that detail factors like size of the market, various regulatory issues, comparative differences and potential opportunities that can be optimally harnessed.
  • Assessment of lucrative scopes in niche sectors in the newly emerging markets across the boundaries of nations.
  • Analyzing and preparing market intelligence reports on areas like current trends, latest prices and pricing strategies, newly launched products and their market acceptance, activities of the competitors and predictions on their future moves.
  • Conceptualizing and indexing various engineering copyrights that integrate translations as well as multi-lingual projects.
  • Creating competitive intelligence and tech-based engineering know-how for landscaping of engineering patents.
  • Suggesting measures of expansion to the clients along with predicting the possible threats.
  • Development of knowledge-based maps that integrate aspects like growth of the sector, dynamics of the market, nature and behavior of the targeted sector, trends in demand and supply, volume and graph of export and import, notable events related to the industry, plus many more.

The success of Market Quotient in the highly competitive world of engineering has only been possible due the panel of highly skilled industry professionals who have in-depth knowledge and years of experience in major engineering sectors such as Electrical, Mechanical, Communication, Electronics, Transportation, Industrial Engineering, Semiconductors, Computers and Systems and Instrumentation.

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