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The very first insight on the subject of equity research is that it is related to the revision of stocks or market equities to help investors in their procedure. So, a shareholder must be very sure whether to keep holding the present shares of the company or to sell them off. For an individual to do the whole procedure, i.e. to study company statements, products and management is a difficult job. So, the main work of equity researchers is to closely follow business sectors and corporate bodies and collect the necessary information. This information helps individuals, brokers, clients and customers to invest safely.

Market Quotient provides some typical strategies for equity research. Quantitative and qualitative assessment is one of the prime techniques for equity research of a company. We direct clients whether they are safely investing or not.

Market Quotient believes that they can put forward their best results through the implementation of the following equity research strategies –


Market Quotient is one of the leading technical bodies in equity research methodologies. We have the capability and standards of working with buy-side and sell-side companies. Timely performance and excellent quality is what makes up the composition of Market Quotient. The team that makes up our equity research division is a well versed and skilled group of professionals who have quality expertise in subjects like equity research, hedge fund and investment banking. There is a group of portfolio managers and experienced analysts who help the clients with their flow of cost. So, be assured of excellent returns after having a proper professional guidance from us. Market Quotient can give a marked difference for your investment.

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