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The sector that remains constant and shows steady growth in every economy is health and pharmaceuticals. While factors like expansion of sector based know-how, award winning medical discoveries and venues for more profitability are acting as the major forces of its growth, need for improved ROI, demand for cost control and relentless battle in favour of and in opposition to genetics happen to be the challenging factors that are posing as catalysts for enhanced interest in the sector, both from the perspective of clients and consumers.

Market Quotient is well aware of the fact that besides small and mediocre entities, the global giants are also taking interest in the industry in order to research and develop new products that would make the sector even more lucrative. Favorable outcome of the sector in the form of advanced measures of healthcare delivery, enhancement in average life expectancy and noticeably positive transition in the profile of diseases have resulted in the rise of satisfied population. But we are equally aware of the fact that since health and pharmaceutical is a sector that caters to the life, death and survival of the mankind, so specialized knowledge and strict regulatory measures remain as the buzzwords of the same. These factors are eventually encouraging the sector to outsource health management services that would help the health and pharmaceutical sector in managing multitude of activities such as administration, finance and healthcare with utmost professionalism and precision. This is exactly where the role of Market Quotient has been well appreciated in the past few years.

At Market Quotient, we are equally aware of the activities of the healthcare providers and pharmaceutical firms who are in constant search of new products and services to enjoy edge over their competitors. They are similarly inquisitive about the researches and developments going on across the geographic boundaries and eager to know the steps taken by their competitors along with the possible threat they can face. The researches that the clients are supposed to perform in order to provide best healthcare and pharmaceutical services often tend to be critical and require high level of domain expertise. Thus, they depend upon us in such situations, which render services like:

  • Comparative analysis of the companies, products, sectors and markets
  • Landscaping of the potential areas in healthcare and pharmaceutical sector
  • Preparing investment proposals that incorporate points like revenue in return, profitability per patient in hospitals and nursing homes, patterns of capital expenditures, etc.
  • Executing researches on customer-patient liaison
  • Executing market research in areas of Patient-Focused Research and Healthcare Providers & Managed Care Organizations
  • Creating database of medical professionals, providers and patients
  • Analytics modelling of Campaign Effectiveness, Segmentation, Sales Force and many more

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