Market Quotient offers specialised services to private equity and venture capital firms.

Private Equity is the kind of equity that is invested on private companies to expand business or to upgrade technological processes or just to improve the financial aspects. These equities don’t get quoted in public exchanges. The investors who usually make such investments are required to contribute substantial amounts of money on a long-term basis. These are also used to buy out public sector companies and turn them to private ownerships.

Venture Capital is very much similar to just what it sounds: a form of capital that’s invested in new business ventures. Usually wealthy investors and established financial institutions, which are ready to take risks in case they find new firms coming up with long-term potentials, make such type of investments. Start-up firms often run short of funds as they don’t get access to capital markets. So, big firms come to their aid by providing the required capital.

We cover the entire gamut of services starting from operating stages till exit.

Operating Stages Our Service Offerings Client Takeaway
Explore Investment Opportunities Market Sizing Zero in on the right sectors and the right countries for investment
Sector Snapshots Evaluate size of the opportunity
Country Analysis Identify the most attractive sub-segments/sub sectors
Identify/Short-List Investment Targets Competitive Landscape Assessment Identify the best performing/most promising targets
Company Analysis Analyze specific companies to understand business performance, and growth plans
Management Discussion & Investment Analysis Business Due Diligence Evaluate strength of investment opportunity
Forensic Accounting Enables investigating complex financial issues
Financial Modeling Analysis and development of financial models to evaluate investment target on client specifications
Channel Checks Channel checks and primary research to infer channel dynamics and other business issues
Business Plan Development (for investee) Help target investee to develop a robust business plan
Monitor/Manage Operations of Investee Strategic Planning Support Research support for strategic decisions of investee companies
Feasibility Studies Evaluate viability of product launch, market entry plans, expansion plans etc
Market Research Evaluate popularity of investee products/ services amongst customers
Valuation Value the portfolio companies for different purposes
Exit Business Plan Business Plan for portfolio companies, evaluating overall growth and exit options
M&A Analysis Identification of target acquirers and valuation analysis to assess potential valuation ranges
Pre- IPO Notes Detailed research notes on companies to aid the pre-IPO process

In our journey so far, we have worked with some of the top companies across the globe and have assisted them in research/documentation support and investment proposals. In the current technological upgradation, we have helped clients with customised requirement ranging from text analysis, news analysis, sentiment analysis and information processing with the help of Natural Language Processing (NLP), using Machine Learning (ML) algorithm.

In short, we have the power to extract and crawl data and carry out automatic analysis using ML and NLP with our world class infrastructure.

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