Open Ended Coding


Open ended coding integrates open-ended responses and segregates them into separate group in a planned manner to transform raw data into intelligent data. It demands meticulous planning and implementation of integrated processes. These are the strengths of Market Quotient that enable us to render highly reliable open ended outsourcing solutions.

We consider verbatim coding or open ended coding as an extremely skilled area of market research projects which has potential of generating massive volume of valuable information and insight into the market. This is a bonus feature of open ended coding which is totally absent in case of close ended coding system. We are even aware of the fact that open-ended coding and response structures can never be generalized and are highly case sensitive. Awareness of these factors makes our services incomparable.

The open-ended solutions of Market Quotient cover an array of verticals that include Retail, Healthcare, CPG, Automobile and a lot more. Therefore, we have developed specialized panel of experts for this purpose in order to interpret and code each verbatim response separately so that they are accurately and conveniently understood and fit with the standards set by each of our clients. Our team of experts has proved successful in understanding and coding the open ended codes of each niche with precision. Customers profusely appreciate our flexibility of working where we work jointly with our clients to provide open ended codes that comply with the standards set by them. In the process, we also initiate them about our high skilled methodology that has been implemented in order to attain full proof results. This mutual understanding makes the entire process simplified and user friendly for our customers.

We highly appreciate the need of contextual understanding and comprehensive skills that are necessary for coding open ended responses. Hence, the areas of excellence of Market Quotient in successful interpretation of verbatim responses include:

  • Ability to make in-depth analysis of customer responses and attitudes and drawing logical insights from the research
  • Creation of multitude of open ended codes in a number of languages through a single source
  • Skills of coding medical open ended responses generated from medical professionals and healthcare specialists

We understand that open ended coding can be extremely tedious. Since manual processing has its own problems, business entities are looking out for new ways to ease the process as well as accuracy of information. So, in order to provide superior and qualitatively high open ended response solutions, we have designed our own automatic process as well, which has been well accepted by our clients. This artificial intelligence tool has been built by making use of natural language processing toolkit and machine learning algorithm.

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