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Retailing is a sector that is heavily influenced by economic flux. Thus, it can be clearly understood that this sector throws steep challenges to the retailers and investors during the conditions when economy takes a nosedive. But this is an equally undeniable fact that retailing is an emerging market as well that has lucrative offers on a consistent basis along with potential areas to tap in a timely manner. Skillfully conducted retail analytics investigates every area of this highly promising sector and every activity of the players involved in it with utmost precision. This assists a business entity in establishing its supremacy in the sector and earning uniform profitability even during economic fluctuations.

At Market Quotient, we provide our clients with in-depth analytic reports on the retail sector which encompasses areas like performance of sales, effectiveness of the marketing strategies, customer behaviors and changing dynamics of their preferences, and probabilities of unpremeditated shift of customer loyalties. We also integrate areas like performance of the promotional activities undertaken by the clients and assortment of the range of products in demand and those being supplied by the competitors. Our years of experience and professional expertise also enable us in the management of all-embracing datasets and analysis of transactional and product oriented data. These eventually help us in discovering the core trends of the retail market.

We are professionally competent in drawing key insight on customer attitude. In order to streamline our research we use high end software and statistical techniques thus, providing an assortment of retail analytic services so that it can reach out to a wide clientele. The services include:

Retail analytics

We have been identified as the trustworthy name in the area of retail analytic sector since we have always prioritized on real-time data. The reports we generate, computerization characteristics we create and data we analyze for planned development of a business entity are based on the following key factors:

  • Analytics of the shopper behavior
  • Understanding of the operational activities of the retail stores
  • Assimilating data on successful execution of purchase and merchandizing of products
  • Marketing strategies adopted by different business firms

At Market Quotient, we also make it a point to present to our clients a profitable business model which is highly modernized and completely research based. We provide a series of models, among which the major ones are Store Transaction Model, Consumer Scrutiny Model and Promotion Favorable Business Models. However, since consumer nature is extremely unpredicted so we further dissect Consumer Scrutiny Model into narrower subsectors so that the business models are full proof and highly reliable. These are Consumer Expend Analysis, Marketing Mix Analysis and Credit Threat Analysis.

Thus, in conclusion we take pride in remarking that our clients enjoy more benefits than many of our competitors in the outsourcing service sector.

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