In spite of the slackened economic activities in the past few years, telecom continues to enjoy a stable position – both in terms of harnessing new opportunities as well as meeting brand new challenges every now and then. This is an accepted truth that convergence of voice feedback, data cables, wireless and IP need proper providers of communication service in order to meet the requirements of the consumer market as well as empower telecom technology for more and more innovations. Thus, telecom service providers are in great demand.

Market Quotient understands the entire telecommunication industry in greater details. We understand that in spite of the challenges, telecommunication is a potential sector that offers plethora of opportunities along with open opportunities that need to be tapped with skill and insight. A potent analytical framework forms our basic infrastructure, which we have developed in order to pinpoint and sort out the key challenges faced by our telecom clients.

We understand that in an ambiance characterized by aggressive demands of the consumers for faster, cheaper and more dependable infrastructure, appearance of new application and service providers and enhanced regulatory pressure, our clients need to innovate. They must also have the power to identify new target market and the subsequent opportunities as well as gain more detailed understanding of the consumer market. The core solutions of Market Quotient make the process convenient for them. Our flexible engagement models work as a bonus on this that makes the high-value and implementation-oriented strategies extremely personalized and user friendly for our clients.

The team of Market Quotient experts provide expertise as and when required by our clients in order to access various technical nitty-gritty of the telecommunication. Our specific telecom services include:

  • Generation of comparative reports on the various markets in connection to factors like relative differences, regulatory matters, size of markets, nature and structure of markets and the potential areas that can be tapped.
  • Assessment of chances in the niche sectors across the world and finding out new markets.
  • Performing market intelligence research on regulatory trends, activities of the competitors, pricing strategies, quality of products and up-gradations.
  • Performing market research to assess consumer satisfaction, product research and advertising effectiveness testing & tracking among others.
  • Creating customised telecommunication dashboards, scorecards and data.
  • Providing consultations on finance, accounting and tax policies
  • Generating well researched analytics making use of predictive analytics, social media analytics.

Customers prefer us over other service providers because we keep them at the forefront of our priority. We provide customers the skills required to manage specific research requirements from sourcing support system to manufacturing analytics and evaluation of alternate technology providers and strategic research required for sourcing and delivery. In a nutshell, we have emerged as a trusted name within the last few years and we are determined to maintain this credibility in days to come so that customers remain ever satisfied with us.

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