The automotive or automobile industry is a growing market comprised of many subgroups that include engineering, design, next generation manufacturing, distribution, and aftermarket. Automobile companies are focused on controlling cost, improving efficiency and utilizing alternative energy engines.

Market Quotient has enriched the research needs of the automobile industry by keeping a track of market, by updating with the competitors, following the innovation trends or bespoke projects to support strategic initiatives like through channel surveys or emerging economies or supply chain intelligence. We have expanded our experience in automobile industry specialising in sales channel, logistics, supply chain and used car markets.

Based on our years of experience in providing insights about the industry due to our domain focussed professionals, we ensure quality deliverables and complete customer satisfaction in every requirement undertaken by us.

Automobile Service Includes

The current automotive market has moved beyond traditional strategies and is more data-centric, thus Market Quotient’s services are customised and include the following but not limited to:

  • Scoping market opportunities and technologies
  • Pricing & sales performance analysis
  • Market trends analysis
  • Customer & market segmentation
  • Advertising/ promotion testing and tracking
  • Innovation/ideation services
  • Brand positioning/tracking research
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty studies
  • Product quality monitoring
  • Predictive modelling & maintenance
  • Ad-hoc analytics including churn, risk, etc
  • Decision analytics- automotive databases, lead generation

FAQ on Automobile Industry

A research focussed into the the automotive aftermarket, heavy duty and fleet segments is called automotive research.

Research can help to define strategy to market potential plus PEST analysis can understand the forces affecting the target market.

Data analytics can help to drive supply chain efficiencies and utility services such as service scheduling, predictive maintenance and product related issues.

Every organizations uses predictive analytics to personalise and target marketing and sales activities like giving real-time feedback to the customers.