Banking, Financial services and Insurance or BFSI is an industry term used for companies that provide a range of such financial products/services. It includes commercial banks, insurance companies, non-banking financial companies, cooperatives, pension’s funds, mutual funds and other small financial entities.

We take pride in announcing that we have worked with a range of financial service organizations and firms and have met their needs of creating financial analysis successfully. Likewise, we have also worked with organizations that demanded detailed deconstruction, investigation and access of every sub-sector from marketing, operational as well as strategic perspective. Thus, over the years, our financial sector services to investment banks, wealth management organizations, credit rating firms, hedge funds, insurance agencies, private equity firms and venture capitalist have gained traction.

BFSI Service Includes

  • Valuation of assets and income
  • Financial analysis and modelling
  • Technical research and valuation
  • Equity research and suggesting investment appraisals; applicable for both buyers and sellers
  • M&A research support
  • Custom research based on any specific niche requirement.

  • Financial data collection from various sources across domains and sectors
  • News tracking via in-house built software
  • Automating data process by making use of machine learning techniques and NLP
  • Database management, cleansing, segmentation, and validation processes
  • Customised analytics reports including Credit Risk, Portfolio, Fraud Detection, Market Mix, Churn and many more.

FAQ on BFSI Industry

The Banking, Financial services, and Insurance or BFSI sector is the industry term used to define companies that provide a range of such financial products/services. Retail, private, core banking, corporate, investment, etc are different kinds of banking services available under this space.

  • Commercial banks
  • Savings and loan associations (S&L's)
  • Credit Unions
  • Brokerage Firms

Organisations such as Market Quotient specialising in core financial knowledge can conduct the research and provide insights that are necessary for decision building process.

Research helps organizations to understand the market and build strategies as per real financial numbers.