Business Analysis

With our problem solving skills with standardization and economies of scale allowing significant cost savings, we guarantee translation of your data into actionable steps.

Collecting, processing and analyzing large amount of data is needed for business analytics solutions, therefore informed decisions can be made by enhancing the profitability of companies. Market Quotient presents a wide range of capabilities from data analysis and architecture to advanced forecasting and decision support. Our services include:

  • Building insights with business analytics solutions
  • Helping to optimize businesses and profitability
  • Design, implement and support actionable intelligence

From SQL Server, My SQL, and Oracle to Hadoop, Tableau, Power BI, Qlik View, Google Data Studio and Cloudera, our team of experts’ works across the technology stack. Our consultants provide in-depth BI tool expertise and help you manage BI tool portfolio that include:

  • BI tool assessment for smart software investments
  • Insights on tool capabilities, strengths and weaknesses
  • Identification and prioritization of the requirements
  • Vendor recommendations for perfect fit

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FAQ on Business Analysis

BI is a comprehensive term which refers to analytics and reporting tools that were traditionally used to determine trends in historical data. The key differences between analytics and BI is that the latter actually presents the insights determined by the former in reports, dashboards, or interactive visualizations.

  • Data Analysis
  • Problem-solving
  • Industry knowledge
  • Communication skills

In simple terms, business intelligence is the accumulation, analysis, reporting, budgeting & presentation of your business data. To improve visibility of your organizational operations & financial status and to better manage your business is the goal of utilizing business intelligence.

Google Analytics is a software tool summarizes data on high-level dashboards enabling you to generate various types of reports.

Design, develop, implement, manage and support of mission- critical enterprise business intelligent reporting and ETL processes and environments are the main scope of job business intelligence specialists.