Halloween over! Market Quotient wishes you a happy Halloween and with this starts the preparation of winter celebrations.

The latest survey showed that 85% usually enjoy chocolate, while 9% rarely eat chocolate.  And 2% never prefer chocolate.  Chocolate has always played a great role for every celebration in global market. Apart from the specific brands, consumers look for flavors and uniqueness. There are start ups that have started with the new business which is shown up as one of the most revenue seeking business. The home made chocolates have also shown some remarkable place in market.

Business has become a wonderful place for both consumers and sellers. The market is huge with different providers in different part of the world. Digital market has made it all the more unique. Few get noticed, few struggle to get noticed. We denote market research for them.

As the Christmas cake mix has already started, we kept our eyes on the stores and the places. The analysis for the demand of the consumer and of the product can reach sellers with a better revenue.

If the analyst forecast predicts the same, then who won’t celebrate a better Christmas?

We are ready to serve in our best to you. We listed the major emotion of consumer that is attached with the celebration. Every emotion of consumer counts to play a better role in our model. They are as follows:

⇒96% of consumers told us that they feel least anxious about shopping for Christmas gifts!

⇒88% of shoppers claim to have purchased different gift, or have purchased from another store, because their demand was not met.

What do we suggest?

♦Invest in promotional material. Get a good database of personnel so that you end up to the correct list of orders to send gifts in corporate world. This may include, Gift cards, Christmas calendars, Christmas newsletters, etc. Corporate world’s gift can be well customized according to the client’s interest.

♦If your small business is looking to increase sales during this time, then show up with some attractive discounts and sales. Online advertisement may also encounter client reach. We can help you to do the market survey and research for the demand of Christmas product.

Write to us your requirement at contact@marketquotient.com. We have professionals under one head to give some push to your success story.

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