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Digital Marketing 2017 – Upcoming, Emerging & Prevalent Trends

  • By admin
  • January 19, 2017

The Digital Media:

Digitalization should come as no surprise. With the advent of emerging marketing trends it was inevitable that internet media would play a pivotal role. Internet has emerged as a platform for learning, socializing, and transacting business. In fact, internet has made our life much simpler by offering us a variety of products and services to choose from. It has also emerged as the media for learning.

To engage with potential clients and customers, marketers today reach out to the market through digital media. This trend has seen an upward growth in the year 2016, and 2017 can also expect similar trends.

Content Marketing:

Perhaps the most pivotal marketing technique of all time which will always remain at the top, content marketing has, and will remain the most powerful digital marketing technique.

As has been stated, ‘Internet has emerged as a media for learning’, and that is what your clients and customers seek. If you, as a business can provide them valid business solutions, supporting articles as well as collaterals displaying your prowess and professionalism, you would essentially be providing to your customers knowledge to which they did not have access before. This in turn would result in trust-ability and relationship building.

Data Analytics & Big Data:

Even with pessimists predicting the doom of the analytics industry and the end of the era of analytics, this marketing tool shows no signs of stopping and is as essential as solid content for the success and growth of your business.

This is primarily due to two reasons:

  • It has manifold uses ranging from predictive analytics to mining to machine learning which can be exploited for increasing sales, value, and real time information.
  • It has an expansionary effect: It increases the variety, volume and velocity of data.

Marketing Automation:

Automated marketing techniques refer to software platforms that have been designed to efficiently market your product online. It could also refer to the automation of recurring tasks such as email marketing. These technologies offer departments and organizations to interpret and execute tasks easily and effectively. At the same time, it reduces human labor and human error.

Mobile Marketing & Social Media Marketing:

Mobile marketing and social media marketing is the most important interactive tool for gauging the behavioral aspect of your product or service and the consumer reaction to it. It is a new and trending field which has shown incredible growth in a very short span of time.

It is necessary to understand your customers. Social media marketing provides a wonderful platform to gauge the needs of your customers so that you can provide them what they want.

Once you understand your customer, it is necessary for you to take care of your customer. Mobile marketing allows you to take care of your clients and customers as it makes things easier for the client as well as the customer. You would all agree that it is easier to respond through your mobile, rather than logging onto your laptop, wouldn’t you?

The Internet Of Things, Immersive Marketing & Live Videos

These are upcoming and emerging trends (but no less important) that have gained relevance and intrigue the masses.

  • IoT allows us to send and receive data from interconnected devices.
  • Immersive marketing techniques such as live images, 360 degree visualization helps one engage the audience and provide information in a creative, entertaining way.
  • Live videos create a much more lasting and visual impact than written content. It also offers a note of personalization from the consumer perspective.


There are many marketing trends that are here to stay such as content marketing and Big Data. There are others which may not be as essential to some companies, there are others (emerging areas) such as videos, IoT and mobile marketing that simply must be implemented.

Therefore, any business that needs to succeed must ensure that it’s digital marketing practices are in place.

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