Engagement Models

Market Quotient’s ability to understand clients’ need remains one of its core strength. We give special attention to engagement models so that our delivery model is customizable for each client. Our account leadership team is responsible for implementing the solution and works with you to help you achieve your business objectives and goals. This way, the overall experience of working with Market Quotient will not only be a pleasant journey but will also enhance client’s control and flexibility over a given assignment.

We typically provide the following engagement models to serve you better:


A team of analyst is set up for clients for a long term engagement. The client is benefited with full control of team’s staffing/workflows and continuous support. In other works, the team becomes an extended arm of clients operation.


This model is particularly beneficial for clients who have non-recurring consulting requirements. Here scope, deliverables, pricing, etc is predetermine before the start of assignment.


In this model, a full time employee is allotted to a particular client who will work solely for their requirement for a given period. This is best suited for clients who have high end requirements

All the models mentioned above has its own benefits. It is the client who determines our degree of involvement based on their requirement. We guarantee to deliver quality output in every mode of engagement. Get in touch with us to know more about our offerings.