The engineering industry is considered as one of the most diverse in the world, spanning the manufacturing of components and OEM assembly, through to maintaining machines and equipment after they are sold. Therefore, it is critical and important that you work with the right market research company. Technological innovation, which is believed to be the keyword of the engineering sector, can never be successful until it is backed by sound and systematic engineering. In a world of steep competition, the only factor that can make firms, businesses and entities survive is product innovation.

Engineering Include

At, Market Quotient, we understand that in absence of innovation, engineering sector will never be able to show continuous growth in patent activities across the parameters of the country. We carry out dedicated research and analysis of the entire engineering sector in a customised manner and are competent enough to perform comprehensive studies and render our services in the areas that include:

  • Generation of field oriented relative reports that detail factors like size of the market, regulatory issues, comparative differences and potential opportunities that can be optimally harnessed.
  • Assessment of lucrative scopes in niche sectors in the newly emerging markets across the boundaries of nations.
  • Analyzing and preparing market intelligence reports on areas including current trends, latest prices and pricing strategies, newly launched products and their market acceptance, activities of the competitors and predictions on their future moves.

  • Conceptualizing and indexing engineering copyrights that integrate translations as well as multi-lingual projects.
  • Creating competitive intelligence and tech-based engineering know-how for landscaping of engineering patents.
  • Suggesting measures of expansion to the clients along with predicting the possible threats.
  • Development of knowledge-based maps that integrate aspects like growth of the sector, dynamics of the market, nature and behavior of the targeted sector, trends in demand and supply, volume and graph of export and import, notable events related to the industry.

FAQ on Engineering

Engineering market research includes studies relating to organisations in the engineering sector – engineering firms, industry bodies and those who provide design solutions to the engineering industry for instance.

Market research helps to reveal key aspects of the competitors’ products, services, marketing strategies, and target audience. Using this information within your own campaigns can help to lead in the market over your competition and add value to your business or brand.

  • Understand your customers and their preferences
  •  Identify opportunities
  •  Recognize and plan for industry and economic shifts
  •  Monitor the competition in your market
  •  Mitigate risk in your business decisions

The Five Basic Methods of Market Research are:

  •  Surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Personal interviews
  •  Observation
  •  Field trials