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Is That What You Are Gifting Your Parents?

  • By admin
  • June 8, 2015

Is That What You Are Gifting Your Parents?

Did you gift your mother a smart phone or is she still not willing to take one? The Gen X-Gen Y has hardly kept any difference. The trend has changed the consumer behaviour toward technology and requirement.  Market researchers notice that change every passing day.

New technology is more embraced by the elderly people as they understand the benefit of technology in their day to day life. Extensive use of smart phone, ultra books, note pad, laptops has showed the use of trend. There shows a rise in sale for the gadgets.  The following list up the necessity and the emergence for technology by the elders:

  •  Audio book: The old cassettes are replaced by audio books that work handy in laptops, smart phone, and MP3 players. They get their days back with audio books.  The older people mostly opt for the audio book nowadays, and thus getting tech savvy.
  • Online shopping: Introducing online shopping, elderly people have eliminated travelling and buy buying has become much easier job for them.
  • Social media: Like the children, Elders have started finding their own space in social media, choosing their own group and loving their living, sharing their problems and creating a new phase of living.
  • VOIP services: Many have found it easy with this service to contact their families and friends. Technology has made the distance grow smaller making the heart grow fonder. No more letters, no more type writers, its Skype- ing where the presence is felt over the screen.

It’s funny to mention the above points in a blog, but these are the most relevant points for which the internet has got so many data, today. And this data are a perfect bliss of information.

Market Quotient has that aura to gift you with a soothing research work, since they gel up with the current scenario and technologies.  Primary data is slowly abolishing, since technology has empowered over secondary research making an impact over society. Survey programmings are felt through internet, the competitive study can also be done through secondary research by analysing the consumer behaviour.

Hardly do we see people going around for survey reports. Social media has played a drastic change in market research.