In 1970, more than 20 million Americans participated in event to make the day recognizable. To promote the ecology, to remind people of different kind of pollution, to make people respect life on Earth- this day was recognized. The day was 22nd of April. It was celebrated as The Earth Day. It became so contagious that it is celebrated till today. Worth mentioning, with that, Google has also turned all beautiful with their customized display.

Till day, industries have grown. BUT NOW, eco-friendly industries are growing.

So celebrating of The Earth Day has begun 2 days back.

Latest environmental progress report of Apple says that the U.S. operations run on renewable energy. Apple plan to build two solar plants in China. They look forward to work on protecting forests and paper supplies with the help of 2 recent partners Apple have tied up with.

The Athletic retailer, Adidas’s yesterday’s announcement has made the day more effective. Adidas has announced in a press release about their new venture that they’re going to start making products out of PLASTIC garbage from ocean. Apart from that Adidas has pledged to stop plastic bags at its stores worldwide.

Though there were many other manufacturers who have tried this innovation before, Adidas not being the first to look into marine plastics. They have planned to team up with expertise on developing fibres, which can be made from ocean plastics to manufacture clothes and potential shoes.

Adidas noted that every ocean has a massive whirlpool of plastic debris. But that brings only 1% of plastic in ocean, and the remaining 99% is either washed back to shore or else eaten up by ocean fish, which then finally gets into our food chain. So a strong ecological change by Adidas is worth appreciable.

Manufacturers are listing themselves in the environment friendly list, leading themselves to organic product, recycling, thinking about sustainability.

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