Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

We are equally aware of the activities of the healthcare providers and pharmaceutical firms who are in constant search of new products and services to enjoy edge over their competitors. The researches that the clients are supposed to perform in order to provide best healthcare and pharmaceutical services often tend to be critical and require high level of domain expertise. Thus, they depend upon us in such situations.
Within the health and pharmaceutical market, Market Quotient undertakes a variety of research consulting projects that include:

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

We also offer a selection of diverse categories with reports in each aspect of the Food and Beverage industry that includes food industry (baked goods, fish and seafood, frozen, health, natural, and snack foods and sports nutritionals), beverage market (including water, soda, alcoholic, sports, and other drinks), food service (equipment, technology, vending), hospitality (bars and restaurants), and agriculture (agriculture is the science of soil, plants, forests, livestock and crops).
Market Quotient is a reliable and highly dependable player in a highly volatile market scenario. We provide the following services to our clients in food and beverage sector:

  • Patients’ opinions and habits
  • Physicians’ therapy and prescription habits
  • Pharmacists’ recommendations
  • Satisfaction studies (e.g. cooperation with medical representatives)
  • Mystery shopping in pharmacies
  • Packaging and advertising concept testing

  • Pricing and reimbursement schemes
  • Pre-market launch studies
  • Customer-patient liaison
  • Database of medical professionals, providers and patients
  • tics modelling of Campaign Effectiveness, Segmentation, Sales Force and many more

FAQ on Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals industry

Healthcare industry comprises of providers of diagnostic, preventive, remedial, and therapeutic services such as doctors, nurses, hospitals and other private, public, and voluntary organizations. It also includes medical equipment and pharmaceutical manufacturers and health insurance firms.

  • Health care services and facilities
  •  Medical devices, equipment, and hospital supplies manufacturers
  •  Medical insurance, medical services and managed care
  •  Pharmaceuticals & Related Segments

Top three healthcare provider countries are:

  •  Switzerland
  •  Singapore
  • Luxembourg

Healthcare in the U.S. costs about twice as much as it does in any other country. It would be the world’s fifth largest economy if the $3 trillion U.S. healthcare sector were ranked as a country.