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  • By admin
  • February 18, 2016

Micropinion is nothing but expressing something in a very precise and communicative manner. For example, instead of saying, “The service staff at La Pourtlaes is extremely efficient. I had a wonderful time and experience at their hotel. I would like everyone to give this hotel a visit on their next visit to New York City”.


You could give a succinct reply as displayed below.


Yeah! “Worst Hotel Ever”, though not a very flattering comment would suffice as far as the explanation of Micropinions is concerned: A message so short that it can fit into any handheld tool.

Coming over to Micro-Reviews, it is nothing but a short review about a particular product or service, expressed on social networking sites like Four Squares and Twitter. The basic motive of such a feed is to showcase your judgments or opinions about the product or service within a particular character limit as determined by the respective social networking site.

An example has been provided below:


Another one expressing the woes of a toddler!


Therefore, in retrospect, both the words mean the same thing, ‘A non-wordy, concise and to the point description about a certain topic within a specified character limit’.

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