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INTRODUCTION: According to Business research outsourcing company Market Quotient, a theory often popularized in recent times following the success of Uber, Theranos, etc is that innovations have to be disruptive in nature. Disruptive innovation makes us think of the advent of the transistor, light bulbs, Google and the like. Nonetheless, innovations are not always disruptive, […]

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Business Research And The FMCG Industry

We use a variety of miscellaneous products in our day to day life. Some of them are durable products while the rest are non-durable products. Durable products are those that get replaced after a period of several years (the chairs placed in your dining room might be a good example), while non-durable products are those […]

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General Consulting Services offered by Market Quotient

General Consulting Services offered by Market Quotient General consultation in investment research services refers to the study of finances of an individual or a group of individuals, based on which long-term investment plans are chalked out for the client. Issues like fund liability and huge credit burden are reviewed carefully and the most profitable investment […]

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