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Management Team

The Leadership Prowess Behind Our Success

Our Management Team Boasts 100+ Years of Collective Experience in Process Management, Strategic Consulting, and Digital Transformation.
Sharique Nisar
Sharique Nisar
Founder & CEO
As a dynamic leader in the consulting space, Sharique brings over two decades of experience to the forefront of Market Quotient. Having held senior positions in MNCs, he has honed his expertise across various domains. Under his guidance, Market Quotient thrives as a beacon of innovation, delivering impactful solutions to clients worldwide.
Abhijit Mitra
Abhijit Mitra
Co-Founder & COO
Abhijit, as COO spearheads operations, process transitions, delivery, and quality assurance. His involvement extends to strategic decision-making processes, contributing to the overall success of the company.
Som Sekhar
Som Sekhar
Co-Founder & CTO
Som, as the CTO, is a formidable force in technical and operational management. His commitment to adapting to new technologies and fostering innovation makes him an invaluable leader within the organization.
Board of Advisors

The Cornerstone of Our Strategic Wisdom

Our advisory board fuels Market Quotient's vision with invaluable insights and industry connections. Their collective wisdom navigates us towards continued success and innovation.
Matthew Maginley
Matthew Maginley
Matthew S. Maginley, a seasoned media and advertising executive, brings over two decades of expertise to Market Quotient. His vast experience encompasses developing impactful media and communication strategies for both B2B and consumer marketing, utilizing a blend of digital and traditional media approaches.
Monika Vashishtha
Monika Vashishtha
Monika is a results-oriented senior manager with nearly 25 years of global work experience. Her expertise lies in project management, service delivery, and operational roles, contributing to her successful track record in achieving impactful outcomes.
David Schmidt
David Schmidt
David Schmidt, Managing Director of Ferguson Calder LLC (A2 Resources), spearheads efforts to deliver advanced information and analytic solutions. With a focus on the small business marketplace, David ensures unparalleled coverage and insights.
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