Data Science & Technology

Market Quotient provides data science services and solutions to enterprises for data veracity assessment, business case identification, business values mapping, design recommendations analysis, technology identification and solution roadmap. The team of experienced analytics consultants help clients realize the full potential of their data assets to achieve their business goals by providing actionable insights.

We understand data and gather maximum Information using automation via AI. Using neural networks, machine learning and deep learning, we also conduct data Modeling for our global clients.

Why Market Quotient?

  • Insightful report & dashboards for future course of actions
  • Market intelligence through competitive analysis
  • Helps to identify key influencing factors

Our exclusive data science solutions includes

  • Advanced analytics including social media analytics, fraud analytics, web analytics, etc.
  • Customer Insights and Profiling
  • Customer Segmentation and Clustering
  • Predictive/Sales Modeling
  • Market Basket Analysis
  • Cross-Sell/ Upsell Models
  • ETL and Data Management

Service Includes

Explore our main services in this space:

Data Aggregation

Data Visualization

Business Analysis

Intelligent Automation

FAQ on Data Science & Technology

A consulting or consultancy firm is a business of one or more experts (consultants) that provides professional feedback to an individual or an organization for a fee. … Consulting services are part of the tertiary sector and account for several hundred billion dollars in annual revenues.

Consultants offer a wide range of services, including the following:
  • Providing expertise in a specific market.
  • Identifying problems.
  • Supplementing existing staff.
  • Initiating change.
  • Providing objectivity.
  • Teaching and training employees.
  • Doing the "dirty work," like eliminating staff.
  • Reviving an organization.

The number one benefit that consultants can offer to businesses is that they can provide temporary expertise. … In addition, hiring a consultant enables cost benefits associated with a lack of taxes, the need to pay benefits, or human resources issues that are associated with hiring a new full-time employee

There are five broad categories of consultant jobs that are most in demand:
  • Operations consulting.
  • Financial consulting.
  • Human resources consulting.
  • Risk and compliance consulting.
  • Strategy consulting.