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Unleash strategic partnerships with our adaptable engagement model, customized to align with your distinctive business objectives
  • One-Time Projects:

    • ✔️ Ideal for clients with non-recurring consulting needs.
    • ✔️ Predefined scope, deliverables, and pricing are established before the assignment begins.
    • ✔️ Provides clarity and cost-effectiveness for specific, project-based requirements.

  • Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Analyst Model:

    • ✔️ Suited for clients with ongoing or high-end requirements.
    • ✔️ Allocates a dedicated full-time employee to work exclusively on the client's needs for a specified period.
    • ✔️ Offers a seamless and dedicated resource for continuous, long-term support.


Tailored Pricing for Success

Secure on-Demand Virtual Experts with Our Adaptable Engagement Model
  • Plan Types

    Optimize your Business Support with our flexible plans – Part-Time (80 Hours) or Full-Time (160 Hours).

  • Price Estimates

    Check our estimated pricing plans and select the one aligned with your requirements. For a precise quote, we'll discuss and finalize the scope of work together.



  • ✔️ 80 Hours per Month
  • ✔️ 24x7 chat and email support
  • ✔️ Flexible working hours tailored to your needs
  • ✔️ Performance tracking based on agreed terms
Full Time

Full Time

  • ✔️ 160 Hours per Month
  • ✔️ 24x7 chat, email, and phone support
  • ✔️ Work aligned with your desired time zone
  • ✔️ Efficient time tracking for seamless management
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