Our robust infrastructure solutions, designed to scale and securely manage data and technology frameworks
We’ve worked on over 1000 projects with 100+ clients

Empowering Growth Through Robust Infrastructure

At Market Quotient, we understand the critical role of infrastructure in catalyzing business growth. Our robust infrastructure are designed to empower your operations, ensuring seamless performance and scalability.
Global Delivery Centers Feature one
State of the art delivery centers across India and USA and via partner relationships in UK, Nordics, APAC and Middle East with operational and recreational space.
Tools and Software
Market Quotient has an excellent network of infrastructure management system and has access to SPSS, SAS, R+, Python, and many more process oriented tools as well as in-house capability to create software and database extracting tools.
Industry Experts & Consultants
With the leaders of industry associations, government organizations, Non-Profit Institutions and highly reputed educational institutions, Market Quotient has extensive networking. Other than the full time employees, we have a network of expert domain consultants in different fields, who lend their expertise and guidance to client assignments whenever required.
Access to paid databases that give marketing, financial and product information of millions of companies all over the world. Analysts have working experience on Onesource, D&B Hoovers, Capital One, LexisNexis, BvD, etc. Often our clients have given access to Capital IQ, Bloomberg, Reuters & other paid databases
Online Journals
A number of financial and marketing journals including Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Business Week, Economist, Knowledge at Wharton, Harvard Business Review, American Hospital Directory etc are subscribed by Market Quotient.
  • Service continuity supported by BCP and disaster management mechanisms
  • 100% redundancy in all IT assets, providing high-availability and reliability
  • 10 Mbps leased line internet
  • Data protection and security guaranteed
  • Data protection and security guaranteed
Data Security and End User Privacy
  •  Implementation of physical access control system in office premises restricts access to sensitive areas
  • Access to all information systems through two levels of authorization
  • Implementation of two levels of end point malware protection network and system level anti-malware systems
  • Use of secure e-mail system for e-mails
  • Implementation of access restrictions to prevent unauthorized deletion or movement of data using external storage devices like optical discs, pen drives, etc
  • Security incident monitoring, reporting and resolution system
  • Periodic employee awareness training on data privacy & protection
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