Industry and Market Analysis


Industry and market analysis are the most essential steps in competitive business analysis that helps in the identification of the right target customers and their variegated requirements. We, at Market Quotient consider this as our basic homework before reaching out to our esteemed clientele with our services. Thus, when we reach the market in the final stage, we always remain confident that our customers will always be satisfied with our well researched and qualitatively superior services.

The cutting edge solutions provided by us in the arena of Industry and Market Analysis services are unparalleled. Our panel of experts never overlooks the thin line of demarcation between industry and market analysis too. We prioritize on each of them separately so that our internal system of customer satisfaction research is entirely full proof.

In case of industry analyses, we take into account the long-term trends and economic forces that are liable to affect the overall performance of the industry. The major pointers that we keep as our primary concerns in this case are:-

  • Probable presence of new entrants
  • Possible threats that will come from competitors
  • Possible substitutes that can emerge as a challenging factor
  • Bargaining capacity and limit of suppliers and buyers
  • Major areas of rivalry with the competitors.

We plan our internal strategies accordingly so that we are never out of the track even in case of steep competition and challenges.

While carrying out market analysis, we are a bit more concentrated. We try to understand these basic factors at play so that we can always operate better, satisfy each and every demand of our target market and give tough competition to our rival companies. The factors we look for are:

  • Nature of the target market
  • Feature of the products and services the target market looks for
  • The special features that will make our clients products and services more saleable than their competitors
  • The marketing vehicles that will be more effective during service promotion

Thus, when we develop our services and products on the basis of these triggers we are always confident about the quality we are about to offer, the competitive rates and the X-factor that will make us remain at the top favorite list among the outsourcing market. We provide the following services in this line of our specializations:


Highly personalized industry intelligence research, both at the primary as well as secondary level, happens to be the key factor that makes Market Quotient most trustworthy. Thus, we are always able to live up to our claims of providing better and reliable service in an aim to create a segment of loyal customers.

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